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Research topics

  • Active structural acoustic control with adaptive structures
  • Active trim panels for interior noise control
  • Development of digital feedback controllers
  • Development of compact, high power sound sources
  • Active control of noise radiated from personal computers
  • Development of distributed active vibration absorbers
  • Active vibration control of aircraft interior noise
  • Active absorption of sound
  • Smart skin for sound radiation control
  • Active/Adaptive dynamic vibration absorbers for vibration control
  • Active control of vibration in beams
  • Study on sound transmission in piping systems
  • Active control of sound radiation/transmission from plates
  • Active/Passive control approaches
  • Active control of turbofan inlet noise
  • Active control of non-linear dynamic systems (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles)
  • Development of adaptive feedforward controllers
  • Experimental studies of supersonic inlet noise conducted by W. F. Ng